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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 9, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news problem with jim gardner. pope francis will deliver a historic speech at independence
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hall saturday september 26. today the world meeting of families released 10,000 free tickets at 12:00 noon. they were gone by 12:02. and minutes after that, scalpers were hawking them for a steep price. and the rush for tickets for paper yam -- papal events. and two ticket releases. at 4:00, 10,000 tickets online for the festival of the world meeting of families on saturday night and 10,000 free ticket will be posted at 8:00 tomorrow night for sunday's papal mass on the parkway. "action news" reporter annie mccormick live outside, and pope francis lashed out at what he called unbridaled capitalism and now it appears that the unbridaled capitalism is getting involved in the ticket for his philadelphia event.
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>> and jim, that's right. organize irs say there are precautionings making sure not one group or person gets too many tickets. working to fair it fair and free. and they are spiritually preparing writing intentions on ribbons, but today many were disappointed when 10,000 free tickets to see his holiness at independence hall were snatched up in less than two minutes at the world meeting of families website. minutes later they were on sale on ebay and craigslist. >> it stinks. a chance for everyone to have an opportunity. >> that is the spirit of the day what are you going to do. >> and ebasis it is against their poly and are removing it.
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and another stays it is capitalism at the finest. the city smis making money on i why can't i? >> that is trifling. >> and there is devon, a robin hood of sports with the papal tickets. >> we wanted to see if we could get them. we saw thes news reports saying the tickets were about to be released for free and they would sell out instantly. >> with his merry men they claims four tickets and posted on craigslist if you want them tell us why. 100 people responded with essayses and the winners go for free. >> finding people who truly deserve them and have those people be the one whose get the pope when he is going to be in philadelphia. >> and robin hood and his merry men, incredibly moved by the essays. the hardest decision they had to make. they boiled it down to two families, one from our area in
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springfield in delaware county. and reporting live outside of bat sill -- basilica. and septa expanding the number of open stations trains making stops in center city, getting pilgrims closer to the festival ground. and the broad street line stopping at the walnut-locust station. and another change, service running in-bound and out-bound all day. not only viewing angles but cell service a concern. when hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather along the parkway. the phone companies already installed a combined $50 million of extra equipment. the past weekend made in america's festival proved to be something of a test run. while some concert-goers complains of connection quality, providers insist the network performance was good except for a handful of temporary glitches near the main stage. city officials say they did not receive any complaints.
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verizon and at&t will be adding mobile cell towers when the pope is here. and they say they are confident that calls, text and datas will go through. pope francis took dramatic action today that will be welcomed by many american catholics. he is streamlining and fast-tracking the process of getting annulments. catholics getting divorced and remarried without an annulment are considered to be living in sin. and bypassion the need for a three-judge panel and they can complete it within 45 days according to new rules. >> and all of the coverage for the papal visit on a section section of our website at updated with details about the septa plan and ticket release for events on the ben franklin parkway. they have it completely surrounded. tonight the job is to extinguish what is left of the forest fire
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in the new jersey pinelands. the flames first broke out in burlington county yesterday afternoon and then spread to ocean county. 1,000 acres had been scorched of the fire crews set up containment lines and let back fires successfully keeping the flames from damaging any homes. they say the extremely dry conditions fueled the wildfire without any measurable rain for the last two weeks. meteorologist cecily tynan is outside tonight. cecily, the firefighters are also dealing with 90-degree temperatures. is there any rain on the way to help it? >> there is some rain on the way with a cold front, but that front will not be moving in until thursday. so we have another hot and humid day on the way tomorrow. and today's highs up near record levels. philadelphia, 94 degrees. just 2 degrees shy of our report high for this day. allentown and reading even a little hotter, 95. wilmington 93. atlantic city airport 92. and the poconos a record of 88
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degrees. dewpoints right now show up not only is it a warm night, it's a very humid night weave have the wind out of the south pulling up moisture from the ocean and bay. the dewpoint up to 70 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow may not be quite as hot as today, but it will be noticeably more humid. tomorrow is the most oppressive day of the week. futuretracker showing as we head through tomorrow afternoon, the heat index, the way it feels like 2:00 up to 96 degrees. that is ahead of a cold front that will bring us some rain, desperately needed rain. since august 1 the rainfall running close to 3 1/2 inches below normal. we have to go back to august 11 to have a day when we had a quarter inch or more of rain. it has been very dry. but stormtracker 6 double scan showing the pressure over the midwest it is moving on you way and bringing us a good slug of
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moisture on thursday. talking about there and talking about the cooldown behind the system in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you, cecily. a new jersey woman who has been missing for a week was found alive today in dense woods off 295. 44-year-old christine rosy is now in the hospital. she was conscious when searchers found her at 4:30 this afternoon in hamilton, new jersey in near the state's boulevard. and the authorities say she was able to respond to a searcher calling out her name. they took her to the hospital for exposure and treatment of things like bug bites. but the circumstances of what happened over the past week are still unknown. >> we have not had a chance to talk to christine at this point. obviously once she gets proper care and treatment at the hospital, then detective also speak with her. >> and car was found idling and her belongings still in the vehicle.
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if anybody notes what happened call them. and murder in camden. they found the identified victim with a gunshot wound and rushed him to nearby cooper university hospital where he died. the search for suspects is now on. construction crews cause add small gas leak across from philadelphia city hall. they were working outside of the dunkin' donuts at the corner of juniper and market when they hit a line. it happened at 8:00. pgw fixed the link within an hour. fortunately no evacuations necessary. a county clerk from kentucky, kim davis, has been released from five days behind bars. she was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. live at the big board is "action news" reporter sharrie williams. and davis walked out of jail a true hero to the religious right. >> jim, the religious conservatives definitely showed up. as for davis, she broke down in tears at one point. her attorney called her loyal to
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god and to her job. she is a free woman but on one condition. ♪ >> with her hands raised to the sky, kim davis was overtaken by emotion. she is a free woman. >> thank you that you mean so much. >> the controversial county clerk in kentucky was greeted by supporters. >> i just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people! >> davis was jailed thursday. held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing religious reasons. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee was by her side. >> somebody needs to go to jail, i am willing to go in her place, and i mean that because i am tired of watching people being just harassed because they believe something of their faith. >> with davis behind bars, her deputy clerks sgbegan issuing
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licenses to those who properly requested them. and davis stood her ground and encouraged supporters to do the same. >> just keep on pressing. don't let down. >> in the meantime, the judge ordered her not to interfere with the efforts of employees in her office who are processing the licenses for all couples. >> we got it! >> whoo! >> the judge's orders are clear. but when asked if she could follow the judge's instructions, davis only said she will not violate her conscience and it will be interesting to keep watch on this. she is expected to return to work this week. >> thank you, an e.m.t. worker will likely be disciplined after a mother says she caught him texting while he was trying an ambulance. ebony clarke said she videotaped the driver while they are young son was being rushed to the hospital last week. the boy had a cut on his head. in the video you can see the driver on his phone. clarke says he never put it
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down. and she showed the video to the fire commissioner derek sawyer. >> we from the fire commission want to apologize to her personally. this is not what we train our medics or any of our drivers to do. >> commissioner sawyer didn't say when the discipline would be. the department's policy is that cell phone usage is not allowed while driving. for many students across the delaware valley today was the first day back to school. in philadelphia, mayor michael nutter and superintendent william hite welcomeled students back to class at g.w. carver school of engineering and science in north philadelphia. still to come on "action news," what are the odds? a passenger plane catches five on takeoff at the las vegas airport. and man scammed out of dollars when he thought his son
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was held at gun point. and tomorrow heat wave i cans -- number six, and tracking changes. and ducis rodgers with a showdown between venus and serena at the u.s. open tonight.
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a plane that was bound for london burst into flames tonight. the fire started in one of the engines as the british airways plane was just about to take off from the airport in las vegas. passengers were forced to exit the plane using emergency slides. people on other flights were able to get the video of the flames and smoke. several people were taken to the hospital for what were described as minor injuries. there were 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board.
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police in delaware county are saying beware of swammers who use the phone to terrorize you and scam you out of hundred dollars ever dollars. and dann cuellar has the story. >> they grab my son and threw him in the car. >> he asked we not show his face, but he is the latest victim of a scan. the person claims their relative is held at gun point until they wire moment. claiming his son alex caused money and they want money to cover damages. >> they wanted me to pay the $900 deductible to get it fixed and they would release alex. and they said i could not get off the phone until i give him the money. >> and because he could not get off phone he would not confirm it. and out of fear wired money to
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puerto rico. and he real ideized he was a scammed. >> you feel stupid. >> and they are seeing enough scams target victims in the county. >> seeing a host of new scans and traditional scams. >> and as of late calling people claiming to be with the i.r.s. demanding payment on taxes owed. >> they will call and say we will lien your house or freeze your bank account. we are the i.r.s. my experience is that the i.r.s. will not call you. they will send you letters. >> the d.a.'s advice for people getting such calls is this -- >> always verify information you are receiving. if you do receive a call that is suspicious call your police department or district attorney's office. >> if you get a call you don't recognize let it go to voicemail. most often they had not leave a message. if they do, write down the
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message and call the police station. dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." hillary clinton today apologized for using her private email account while she was secretary of state. in an interview with abc news clinton went further than she has before in expressing contrition, saying she made a mistake. here is what the democratic candidate for president said to the abc news anchor. >> it was a mistake and i am trying to take responsibility. and i am trying to be transparent as i possibly can. >> and clinton is losing support despite handing over 55,000 emails. she said today she will survive this controversy. united airline's c.e.o. stepped down after a federal investigation. the probe involving david sampson, a chris christie appointee. and he resigned as chairman of the port authority in the wake of bridgegate this investigation
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is about the newark airport. after sampson was the port authority chairman, united airlines opened a route from newark to an airport close to sampson's vacation home in south carolina and then canceled the route days after sampson resigned. the situation is becoming dire on hungry's border with serbia where thousands of refugees, mainly from serbia are massing and 42,000 more are expected in the next 10 days. germany already taking 800,000 refugees this year. but the u.n. high commissioner is criticizing europe for failing to see this come or taking coordinated action. europe is still waiting for the united states to disclose plans for accepting its share of refugees. on "healthcheck" at 11:00, a stakering new statistic about by diabetes in america, maybe more common than previously thought. research published in the journal of the american medical
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association says more than half of adults may be living with the disease or the condition that leads to it called prediabetes. and the study suggests 1/3 of people with diabetes don't even know it. another reason to discuss this with your doctor at your next check up. stunning information from the journal of the american medical association. and once again, pointing out that preventive care is the best way to go. >> diet and exercise very important. if you are planning on exercising tomorrow, good idea to do it in the morning or do itten doors, it is another brutally hot day. stormtracker live double scan showing rain-free conditions out there tonight. looking different by thursday when a cold front presses in bringing us much-needed rain. and it is a rain-free tonight, and the action cam on the drexel campus. and looking at the drexel dragon, they like it hot and sunny.
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they will really like tomorrow's weather, it is similar to today. now pretty warm, 78 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 76. trenton 78. cape may 77. you can see with the arrows that's the wind direction out of the south. that is also pulling up more humidity. and the dewpoints in the 70s now. it is going to be noticeably more humid tomorrow than it was today. and satellite 6 and action radar showing we are pretty much cloud-free. an arc of clouds and showers associated with the cold front moving through the midwest right now east of st. louis. there's low pressure developing along that. this is what will be moving in on thursday. and that will end our heat wave and that will also bring us some rain. it could be a pretty good soaking. tomorrow, no rain in the morning, but patchy fog as kids head to school, probably the second day of school for a lot of kids. very humid and warm. at 6:00, 74 degrees. by 8:00, 77 degrees. and tomorrow, hazy, hot and humid. the high 96 degrees with the humidity, feeling more like 96.
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92 the high. and we could get astray thunderstorm popping up in the afternoon, primarily north and west of philadelphia. ahead of this cold front. real highway the big event is thursday, when the wave of low pressure, it will cool us off. the high, 82 degrees. around philadelphia areas north and west in the more stable atmosphere. for more of a steady rain, areas south and east with a better chance of gusty thunderstorms. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow another 90-degree day. that's three days in a row. officially heat wave six. and a thunderstorm possible in the afternoon, and thursday rain in philadelphia areas north and west. some thunderstorms south and east. 82 degrees. and with 1-2 inches of rain and dry ground, we could have some localized flooding, ponding of waters would make driving somewhat difficult during part of the day on thursday, especially the afternoon. friday, less humid and 85 degrees. and heading into the weekend, 83
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saturday. another impulse rolls through saturday into sunday bringing us the next chance of showers and high of 80. drying out for rosh hashanah and 78 on monday and tuesday. brighter and warmer, 82 degrees. one more day in the 90s, and much-needed rain and koolter weather coming? and "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:35 and a preview of the show. >> thanks jim and philadelphia. look at what we made just for you tonight. >> i was doing the best i could not to stand next to mcconaughey in the courtroom and go all rise, all rise, all rise. blinds to go's
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final week, the countdown on. >> it is finally here, jim. perhaps one of the more anticipated eagles' seasons in awhile. chip kelly has all eyes on him and his football team. the birds will finally quick off their campaign monday night in atlanta. and it sounds like ready for the
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game weeks ago. >> i'm excited. it's week one, so you kind of train. i have been doing this long enough that i kind of have myself even in the second and third preseason game ready to play like it was a real game and i will be ready monday night. >> we caught up with him in center city tonight. he is and charles barkley held a forum to discuss how athletes can make their cities better. we are teaming up with our friends at phl17 to bring you complete coverage of the opener. our pregame special monday night begins at 6:30. the game immediately follows at 7:00. and baseball, the phillies hit the skids. five straight losses, 11-14. and the phills and braves. and looking to snap the losing streak, up to the challenge. the rookie going seven innings and not allowing a single run. striking out seven batsers on his way to a 6-2. and the eighth inning, phills up 2-0. and the home run and the
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phillies win 5-0. and franco saw his doctor today and plans to hit off a tee tomorrow. the phillies third baseman out about a month with a broken bone in his left wrist. he is still not sure if he'll return by season's end. >> i don't know. i don't got information already, so everything that i have to do, just wait. day for day. and i am getting better, but i have to wait. >> be cautious. and temple and penn state moving on from starre
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>> beginning the night just three opponents between serena williams and the grand slam. one of the opponents happened to be her sister, venus. serena won six of the last seven meetings between the two. the first set, serena up 4-2. she's in the far count. and how about this shot. can you place it any better? nope, right there. fast forward to match point in the third set. serena wins to advance to the semis. afterwards said it is going against your best friend, it is really difficult. how did penn state get over the loss? with a shovel. they buries it on the practice
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feet field over the weekend. and the owls, no reason to bury their but facing a tough cincinnati team. >> this is a really good team and dynamic audience. we will be ready to battles and who plays the best will win. >> thank you. "jimmy kimmel live" next. and his guests are blunt, spencer stone and music from rita ora with chris brown. and the news continues at 4:30 in the morning, and for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by -- hi, anne.
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